CV Ronald Jan Heijn

Ronald Jan (Amsterdam, March 6, 1960) is responsible for this website. He is a messenger of the New Age and the Teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. In November 2016 he published the book ‘HB, a New Age Arising’; and in May 2017 the book ‘HB, no redemption without a cross X’, containing the diaries of Harry Beckers.

In the past Ronald Jan played in the Dutch national hockey team, was a spiritual entrepreneur, and director of documentaries. He is a member of the nationally well known grocery store family Heijn, and grew up in Bloemendaal, as the son of Gerrit Jan Heijn (brother to Albert Heijn) and Hank Heijn-Engel. Ronald Jan has four sons and is married to Norwegian Hilde Heijn-Stapnes. Hilde is mother of a daughter and a son. Together they are grandparents to two grandchildren.

Study and Work

After finishing secondary education (Gymnasium B), and then Ronald Jan studied business Administration at Nyenrode University. Meanwhile he was playing hockey. After his study he worked for IKEA, and later for an organisation consultancy agency, which concerned itself with cultural change, creativity sessions and alternative ways of thinking. During those days, next to many other assignments, Ronald Jan cooperated in the development of a national environmental plan for the department of public health, infrastructure, and the environment. Here he worked alongside later famous Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (who was to be assassinated in 2002), as project administrator for the Student Public Transportation Card. In the evenings Ronald Jan studied cultural anthropology in the second half of the eighties. He also attended many spiritual courses, ranging from meditation and philosophy, to backgrounds on the purpose of life.

Dutch field hockey team

Ronald Jan played hockey with HC Bloemendaal, winning the Dutch championship in 1986. Ronald Jan was known for his ‘velvet technique’ and played a total of 59 official international games (scoring 19 goals) for the national team. After the 1986 world championship in London he quit hockey at the age of 26, because he wanted to – besides his work – study cultural anthropology.

Abduction father

A year later, in 1987, his father was abducted and murdered by Ferdi E. The family received his fathers severed little finger to put the pressure on the abductors demands. The ransom (cash and diamonds) was paid, but his father and his abductor disappeared without a trace. After seven months of uncertainty and enormous interest of the national media the man responsible was finally captured. Gerrit-Jan turned out to have been murdered on the firsts day of his abduction. Ronald Jan later visited Ferdi E. in prison to(and?) forgi(a)ve him.


With his fathers heirloom Ronald Jan started Oibibio in 1991, a large holistic centre opposite the Central Station in Amsterdam. Located in the 5.000 m2 Mercurius building, Oibibio was the largest city-holistic-centre anywhere in the world. The building had been renovated completely on a natural basis. Oibibio was an all-under-one-roof-concept, and featured a vegetarian restaurant, a grand café and a tea garden. On the top level the building had a sauna, baths, treatment rooms, and a roof terrace overseeing the entire city. At ground level the building had a department store and a bookshop. In the eight halls lectures and courses were given. Oibibio had over a hundred employees, and at a certain moment its own television show and a radio station. In the heydays it received more than a million visitors, at the time comparable to those of the Rijksmuseum.

The mission of Ronald Jan and Oibibio was to make spirituality accessible for a wide audience. After eight successful years, this meeting place got into financial problems by the expansion to other cities and the lack of fellow investors. Thus Oibibio fell victim to its own success.

Esoteric bookshop

In the year 2000 Ronald Jan finally ‘lost’ everything: his wife, his house on the Vondelpark, and his fortune. In the Summer of that year he set up a small esoteric book store on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam, meanwhile living on a houseboat. After a year, in the Fall of 2001, he closed the book store and had to leave the boat as well. To prepare himself for the next phase in his life, after having lived in Amsterdam for twenty years, he moved in with his mother in Bloemendaal, above the garage.

Staya Erusa

Towards the end of 2001 Ronald Jan met Harry Beckers, who wanted to organize a symposium to introduce broader insights in psychiatry. Rapidly Ronald Jan and Harry found out, that they had to have a much broader focus. They started with lectures on a broader way of thinking, dealing, among other things, with life after death. During this cycle of lectures the idea was born to make a documentary based on Harry’s insights. The pilot ‘Staya Erusa, The Beginning’ was released in the Netherlands early 2006. It was a world first: the first film ever to be released in cinemas, while already sold over the counter and downloadable from the internet. In the Summer of 2006, it was the best selling DVD in the Netherlands .

An international remake appeared in 2007, in collaboration with Uri Geller, as well as several renowned international scientists. The English language film going by the name ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’ has been released on DVD in 13 languages. The film attempts to explain large global issues, and to provide solutions to them with an expose on consciousness, and themes such as the process of dying, the afterlife, and reincarnation. These insights are subsequently applied to subjects like euthanasia, organ donation, psychosis, dementia, global warming and extraterrestrial life.

Hello Aquarius

In 2011 Ronald Jan started the website ‘World Adrift’, later renamed ‘Hello Aquarius’, with columns on actual events as seen through ‘New Age Glasses’. When the call for a new society erupted globally via Occupy late 2011, Ronald Jan decided to support Occupy at several meetings with speeches on the New Age.

HB, a New Age Arises

Meanwhile he also started to prepare and write his book ‘HB, a New Age Arises’. This book appeared in November 2016. In May 2017 Ronald Jan published the book ‘HB, No Redemption Without a Cross X’, containing the diaries of Harry Beckers.