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We are on the brink of a new and much lauded era, the Age of Aquarius. It has begun, but has yet to perpetrate. A warm welcome… Hello Aquarius!We are closing off a period of over 2000 years. The shift into a new way of thinking. How extraordinary. The road from the head to the heart. And the road of syntheses as well, as everything is coming together. It is the age in which we will all realise we are all one through the discovery and acknowledgement of awareness.

From a broader consciousness everything occurring these days is fully understandable. We are witnessing the collapse of old structures and points of views and the emergence of a new awareness. Everything in society will change, starting with economy and politics. A new world will actually arise.

The exact moment may be uncertain, but we are almost there. The shift into a new way of thinking. How extraordinary. The world is still adrift, but the cautious little mountain stream has become an enormous river, which has flooded its banks, and has already covered more than half of the earth with her new water.

The countdown to our complete submergence can commence. A new beginning will manifest itself in an undeniable fashion, which we will all recognize. We are ready for it…

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