Life of Harry Beckers

HB, the World Renewer of the Age of Aquarius

His extraordinary life story has been extensively described in chapter 6 of the book, ‘HB, a new age arises’.

In 1995 Harry Beckers directly and consciously encountered a broader consciousness, turning his life around drastically. Ever since he has been helping people find a more conscious path in the world. During the last decade it became more and more clear that his path was also a very intense preparation to something else.

In 1996, after an adventurous life with great peaks and deep crags, he started to concern himself with psychotic and schizophrenic people. This he did in spite of his lack in background in psychological and social care, mainly sailing on the insights he so miraculously received since 1995. In the fall of 1995, he was out in nature, when he suddenly appeared to observe a great light, which started to radiate above the forest sprawling in front of him. Such phenomena frequented him ever more often, so he went to look for an explanation.

“I frequently leave my body, and witness auras and other forms of energy. One night I woke up and noticed that the entire bedroom was lit up by something which appeared to shine from behind me, but somehow also shone within my head. This light was never extinguished since. Never again have I experienced true ‘darkness’. Somewhat later, at night, I noticed that I was at the heart of a universe: an enormous living cosmos in which stars lit up, and golden yellow nebulas pulsated or circled and spiralled. This has stayed with me since as well.”

Despite great resistance from within the traditional system of mental health care, he persevered in his work with self-confidence, aware of the great needs of patients and the enormous lack of insight in psychiatry. Harry received information on his patients exactly when needed: “When I worked with patients, at night a glowing orb of energy would appear at the foot of my bed, which at a certain point would start to radiate. This would release an enormous amount of information to me. More than I could handle. The following days this information would, however, slowly start to unfold itself into small packages. Through that I gained insight into the process of the sessions.”

Through this orb of energy Harry received deep insights into the human psyche. Time and again he could check these insights immediately, as each time someone would get in touch with him soon after, having just the kind of problems that he had gained insight into. This went on year after year. In over 8 years of practising he assisted over 200 people. In a matter of hours he would often bring back to everyday reality someone suffering from a severe psychosis. Sometimes he cooperated with regular physicians, who transferred their patients to him. Thus Harry tried to bridge the gap between regular and alternative care. He gave lectures throughout the Netherlands as well.

Preparation for Renewer of the World

Slowly it became clear, that through his ‘orb of energy’ Harry gained access to a Cosmos of Knowledge, and that the orb could very well be a manifestation of the so-called ‘third eye’.

In the early years of this century Harry met Ronald Jan and the medium Claudia. After a cycle of lectures they decided to make a documentary on his broader insights. This became the pilot ‘Staya Erusa, The Beginning’, released in the Netherlands. After success in the smaller cinemas, the idea developed to make an international version as well. This international version ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’ saw the light in 2006. The documentary received two awards in the Netherlands and was received with great enthusiasm by those interested in the Netherlands and abroad. However, the broader audience at which this remake had been aimed, could not be reached yet.

Together with Ronald Jan and Claudia, Harry prepared himself for the coming of the New Age and the Spiritual Hierarchy. During their joint ‘CHR sessions’ it turned out that a much more central role was in store for Beckers. He was destined to become the World Redeemer of the Age of Aquarius. In the book by Ronald Jan, ‘HB, a new age arise (2016), this new phase is described extensively, as is the meticulous preparation for several lives. (HB considers World Renewer a more fitting term for these times.)

His present life has also been rough without parallel. This is a short survey of his life up until 2007, in the documentary ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’: