On the transformation of religion

Written by Ronald Jan

Many religions have made their lasting mark in the Age of Pisces. In the Age of Aquarius religion will once more gain prominence, but in a different way. Obviously this has to do with the development of consciousness that we undergo as a human being.

The number of religious people is enormous: approximately 2,1 billion Christians, 1,3 billion Muslims, 900 million Hindus, and 415 million Buddhists (2013). At the onset it is important to realise that there is nothing wrong with the existing religions and their holy books, each one of them extraordinary and wise writings. The ‘derailment’ can much rather be found with those that have taken religion under their command. Their interpretations have been at fault, and thus they have caused great problems in centuries past: the well-known divide between God and his cabin crew.

Much significance has gone to waste. Some texts have survived centuries of oral tradition before they were ever put to paper. In their renditions separate priests gave their own twist to the words, partly out of ignorance, but out of a hunger for power as well: wanting to dominate the people. The ideology which developed out of this has through the course of history become the predominant one. Dogma was placed on top of the living experience that religion mainly is. Alice Bailey phrases it beautifully when she writes: ‘We have put way too much emphasis on doctrinal and dogmatic aspects. We have hallowed the word, while all the time the soul of man was calling for the spirit of life that is hidden by the word ’.

One would expect that the religions of the world would attempt to bring the people together, and connect them (‘religere’ means ‘to connect’ in Latin). History has, however, shown that to this very day most interpretations still emphasize separation from others. How many religious wars have there not been fought? Quite the opposite of the original intentions. However, it is not religion that is at fault here, but rather the fanaticism, and fundamentalism with its sense of exclusivity, which causes wars fired up by the conviction that your ideology is truly the one and only.

The divine world was interpreted by our (very limited) personality, whereas it is much rather the path of the soul to understand the divine. Fortunately humanity has grown in consciousness, and ever more people become aware that religion is not intended to constrain. In a transitory age such as ours both are, however, present: the (extreme) fundamentalists and the ever-growing circle of more broad-minded people. The present image of the news only partly reflects this, as for the time being it is mainly dominated by (extreme) fundamentalism.

As the thinking of people changed throughout the centuries, so has their image of the divine. In primordial times everything was a manifestation of God: rain and wind, the sun and the moon, disaster and fortune. All that was unknown, threatening and unexplainable, was God. However, human consciousness grew larger, and science entered the stage as well. Ever more phenomena could now be explained, and ‘God’s domain’ started shrinking.

‘God as a person’ also changed in line with the vision of the people. Starting out as a scornful ruler unwilling to spare anyone, God more and more turned into a considerate father figure. Depending on the the culture and religion of a country, God may be found anywhere along this spectrum. Yet whatever position he is at, the true relation with people remains unclear. This situation has been maintained to have people believe that they need the church as an intermediary. With the mind focussed on power, all order would be lost if every person were to get in touch with God all by themselves.

According to Benjamin Creme the Masters compare a religion with a ladder: ‘You can climb on the roof with a ladder, but once you are on the roof, the ladder has served its purpose. A religion itself is never the truth, but it may aid you to get to the truth.’

To be always on the lookout for the truth is a trait that can also be found in science, the arts, politics, and so forth, as everything is spiritual. The truth can be found in every domain of human endeavour. Nevertheless for centuries religious intermediaries have created the impression that this was only attainable through the church. Everything is religious, everything is spiritual, everything is connected to everything. Everything is energy and the divine is in each and everything. In the Age of Aquarius we will discover and acknowledge this.

Early last century the French palaeontologist, Jesuit and theologian Teilhard de Chardin put it this way: ‘We are not human creatures with a spiritual experience, we are spiritual creatures with from time to time a human experience.’ And that is correct, as through the Ancient Wisdom we know that people are consciousness with a divine spark, the soul. Therefore if we have the divine spark within us, why not use that spark to get in touch with God and the others; the experience of being all one, and all a piece of God. This age old knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom has always been available. The representatives of the present religions have also drawn from this well, although they had their own interests, and only used it in as much as the context and the needs of the times in which they lived allowed them to.

Driven by the energy of the Age of Aquarius a new world religion will surface. Every religion deals with the same issues essentially. The new world religion represents a broader reality that many will be able to relate to. Creme writes the following on this topic: ‘ Every religion shall therefore change its focus. Every religion has an element of the truth, and can be augmented such that it provides a greater aspect of this truth.’

What’s more, religion will become science: the science of evolution, a religion on esoteric foundations. As it is all about what is true, this doesn’t have anything to do with ‘belief’. To believe often means to fear doubt. We are unsure about something, so we pick an option and stick to believing in that. What we are to witness soon is for the larger part a way of ‘knowing’.

In the sixties and seventies books started to appear, like the Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, in which religion and science met, as everything is energy. Quantum physics on the one hand, and Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist writings on the other hand are surprisingly in line with each other where it concerns the source of life. In the search for truth science will indeed help us, as science will also get a kick out of the Aquarian energy, and will view the state of things with a much broader scope. Life after death will be proven to exist. The different layers of consciousness shall be determined, the fact that everything is energy will become widely accepted., and that some natural disasters are not coincidence, acts of God or caused by climate change, but rather the result of our destructive way of thinking, shall also become clear.

The Masters of Wisdom, that will dwell among us once more, are no gods either, but people such as us, who are, however, perfect from our earthly point of view. Through their unrivalled potency we are tempted to view them as gods. Yet all is relative, as ‘above’ them are even higher Masters/Beings with an even higher consciousness. And above those others as well, and so on and so forth. God is not any different from a human or other being with a higher consciousness. This is why it makes perfect sense that we are always described as being His equal and made in His likeness.

About this Creme writes the following: ‘There is only a difference in how and to what extent we manifest this divinity, but the divinity itself is the same in everyone. We are God incarnate, we are the divine ourselves. So once you realise that you yourself are God, who should you then still worship?’ In a certain way atheists and people of faith are therefore both right! A believer can say that God must then be a (godlike) human, whereas an atheist might put forward: ‘There you have it, God is nothing but a grander consciousness that is present in all’.

The Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Bible, and many other holy books contain beautiful lyrics, often greatly symbolic. Yet all through the centuries the people have never had the clarity of insight to interpret them well. This opened up the possibility for manipulating them, to make them dependent. The combination religion/humanity will enter a new phase in the Age of Aquarius. Religion will then no longer have the exclusive right to the truth. It will only be one of the many roads towards it, but a very interesting and important one. Especially once we start to realise that as such the Great Mysteries will also be clarified.

The esoteric becomes exoteric. The Ancient Wisdom will eventually belong to all of us. Religion will be transformed into a science through which everyone can experience ‘the true vision’ of life. When we subsequently apply this to our lives, a change will come upon us as we have never seen before. What a beautiful and hopeful future!

About the author

Ronald Jan

Already for long Ronald Jan Heijn was interested in a broader way of thinking. His life went through the swamp areas of the big theme’s of this society. His obstacles, valleys and opponents became his best teachers. Through his experience in society on the one site and his ‘being a student of the broader mind’ on the other, he always tried to build bridges. Also his studies (in the eighties) of Business Administration and Cultural Antropology carried this wish and content. Ronald Jan followed many spiritual courses and read many spiritual books (esp. Ageless Wisdom). In the Netherlands Ronald Jan is known from the Dutch grocery store family Albert Heijn and used to be a top level hockey player for the Dutch national team. In 1987 his father was abducted and killed, the man responsible was later forgiven by him. To further a better world he started the largest holistic centre of the Netherlands, Oibibio in Amsterdam. After eight years Oibibio succumbed to its own success. Many let downs later Ronald Jan met Harry Beckers (HB). Together they gave lectures and released a documentary on a broader way of thinking, consciousness and the afterlife. Unaware at the time, Ronald Jan was educated to become a messenger of the New Age during that period. Most of all he got to witness the severe road of preparation of the World Renewer HB and to ultimately cooperating in his coming forward.

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