Prior history Ancient Wisdom

Humanity takes part in a very important evolution. Yet the word ‘evolution’ is predominantly associated with one of the important pillars of our present state of mind: Darwin’s theory of evolution. This provides an overview of evolution with regard to the shape of the animal and human world. According to Darwin the evolution of the species is driven by natural selection. At the time Darwin’s vision on evolution realised a revolution within the sciences, but it had influence on society, philosophy and religion as well.

However, his influential theory of evolution dealt only with aspects of form. The theory does, for instance, not give answers to questions on the beginning of all these forms. Such as: When did humanity come into existence, and why? What is the relation between the human and animal domains? Darwin’s theory of evolution is but a derivative of a development which precludes it, that is, the evolution of the consciousness. The description of this evolution is dealt with exhaustively within esoterica, also referred to as Traditional Wisdom, Ancient Wisdom or Learnings of the Ancient Wisdom.

So humanity is part of a spiritual evolution. We reside in a world that we have been denying for a very long time: ‘We are one cosmic family. We are one of the many manifestations of consciousness. We are consciousness, and we are all one, as we undergo the same spiritual evolution. Life is eternal, we have lived thousands of them already. We have been everything over and over again, man, woman, of any race, any religion, killer, victim, and so forth ad infinitum. We are responsible for everything we do. Hundreds of thousand years before we entered the stage, many civilisations had come and gone.’

That will become much clearer in the Age of Aquarius: humanity being much older than the consensus would want you to believe. Millions of years older, as we came from afar. The Ancient Wisdom is therefore a body of wisdom compiled over hundreds of centuries, which is at the heart and the core of all spiritual teachings that have ever been around on earth. Yet it also provided the basis of our sciences. Her contents are of vital importance. As Creme puts it: “The teachings of the Ancient Wisdom are the teachings that present humanity her actual divinity, and that keep her informed of her evolutionary journey through which we fulfil ourselves.”

Up until now the access to esoterica was limited to esoteric and a few other interested people. Eventually, however, this wisdom will be made available to all. What was once esoteric, shall be exoteric in the Age of Aquarius.

In the West the Teachings of the Ancient Wisdom were uncovered first by Helena Blavatsky – between 1875 and 1890 – with, amongst others, her books ‘Isis unveiled’ en ‘The Secret Doctrine’. Her work is considered to be ‘the preparatory phase’ of the teachings of the Age of Aquarius.

With her string of books Alice Bailey picked up the thread between 1919 and 1949, also known as ‘the bridging phase’. Just like Blavatsky, Bailey was spiritually inspired by a Master of Wisdom as well. In the case of Bailey, this was the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, also known as ‘the Tibetan’.

As a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy the Tibetan would, however, remain on earth, in a physical form, to help prepare humanity for a New Age of Peace and Spiritual Insight.

Since 1974 Benjamin Creme (1922 – 2016) was the source of further disclosures about the Ancient Wisdom, most prominently on the re-apparition of the Maitreya, the world teacher for the coming Age of Aquarius. Creme received his information – just like Blavatsky and Bailey – through his continuous telepathic contact with a(nother) Master of Wisdom.

By the way, this is very different from channelling and/or other paranormal activities. It is a far reaching development of his own consciousness, through which – after intensive training – a master can make contact with him.

Herewith the third and final phase has commenced, the so-called ‘public phase’, in which the esoteric knowledge will be made public. The revelation will on the hand flow steadily (much has already been uncovered), but on the other hand an extraordinary event will also take place, which will startle the entire world. This event will not stand on its own, and will be followed by several miracles, that are intended to wake up humanity once and for all. These ‘miracles’ will bare witness of a much broader reality, perhaps through miraculous healings, proof of life beyond death, the existence of a cosmic family, etc.

Darwin is a footnote compared to the real evolutionary process, which is based on the process of reincarnation. As the evolution of our consciousness takes place by means of reincarnation. The law of reincarnation is one of the great laws of life, just like the law of cause and effect. All these great laws will be made known, and understood as the foundations of life. Not as a faith, but as a science of a broader reality. Because in the end what matters is not what someone believes in but what is true.

Planet Earth and her humanity will undergo a beneficial transformation beyond recognition. We are on the brink of a new journey. We are finally going to make good on our promise of being a divine creature, with a soul and a personality, stocked up with a physical, etheric and mental body.