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‘Hello Aquarius’ is an idealistic website dealing with the coming of the new Age of Aquarius and its much broader body of thought. The website wants to point out a broader way of thinking, through which our present problems are seen in a different light and solutions may present themselves. Broader thought starts with the discovery and acknowledgement of the consciousness.

The prior history of the website stretches over 16 years

In 2001 Harry Beckers got in touch with Ronald Jan Heijn to support him in making the actual causes of psychosis, schizophrenia and the hearing of voices more publicly known. (Ronald Jan had become known nationwide through his holistic centre Oibibio in Amsterdam.) Harry had developed a successful model of explanation and was ready for a new move – seeing the importance of the insights – to inform a much wider audience. Thus the documentary ‘Madness or Reality’ came into being, used at lectures to serve as a discussion piece. The documentary could be and was allowed to lead a life of its own as well to point out to as many people as possible that there was an actual solution to this sorrow.

Broader set up

During this cycle of lectures they came up with the idea to broaden the subject, and to apply the broader way of thinking to the entire society. All the problems of the world can be traced back to a specific way of thinking, which is the basis of the psychological problems as well. Harry’s insights turned out to be broadly applicable and of importance to reach a large audience. Whatever the project would become, the subtitle would be: ‘together we will change the world’.

Staya Erusa, The Beginning

On the basis of these insights the pilot ‘Staya Erusa, The Beginning’ was produced, with the backing of an investor. This film was only released in the Netherlands in 2006, and became a great success in the Dutch art house cinemas, in attendance numbers as well as in the feedback. The nationwide audience – which had been aimed at – was, however, not yet reached. The Netherlands did have a real world premier with Staya Erusa, as it was the first film ever to be released via three mediums simultaneously: in the cinema, on DVD, and downloadable from the Internet.

International version

Working on the experience of the Dutch film, Harry en Ronald Jan began to make an international version, which got to have a totally different and new setup. ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’ was released in the summer of 2007. For a summary, click here. The added value of this film being its greater accessibility, and the cooperation of leading scientists. Uri Geller was also amongst those cooperating. Eventual profits would be used to produce new documentaries to further go into the subjects. The road towards success turned out, however to be littered with obstacles. From production through to distribution, we ran into trouble all the way.

Alternative modes of sale

As the sales through the website did not go well (the saturation of the internet being much lower in 2007), we decided together with our investor to go into business with a commercial film distributor. This to provide the film with added channels of distribution next to the website. To no avail, however, as the film once more got stuck with a crowd that was already in to it.

Content a success

The content of the documentary, however, did strike home. In the Netherlands it received the Frontier Award, handed out each year (in the shape of a bust of Nefertiti) to an initiative on the fringes of science aimed at setting in motion and bringing about positive changes. Internationally the film (released in 12 languages and sold all over the world) received critical acclaim not only for its content, but also for the professionalism of the production. Yet the larger audience was not reached. Our hope was that the public itself – like an Arab Spring – would lift the film up, so more and more people would get in touch with this broader way of thinking.

The greater path becomes clear

During the preparations for Staya Erusa it became clear that everything was a preparation for the coming of the new Age of Aquarius. Harry as well as Ronald Jan are now cooperatively, and more and more individually, preparing themselves for the New Age. When the cry for a new society as voiced by Occupy at the end of 2011 went global, Ronald Jan decided to support Occupy (modestly) at several meetings, among which three speeches at the Beursplein in Amsterdam. Harry further developed himself, and is preparing for a broader application of his insights. His future responsibility appears to be a road hard and seldom travelled.

Websites World Adrift and Occupy

As it was unknown when the ‘Great Shift’ would come about, Ronald Jan started the website ‘World Adrift’ in 2011, and for the first time a Facebook page for this site as well. He went ahead with what he had started with Harry in 2001: to bring to attention the misconducts within psychiatry in a matter of fact way, as the situation within psychiatry represents a symbol for the entire world: lack of insight into the true causes. Very rapidly Ronald Jan added to the content of the website columns on actual subjects as seen through ‘new age glasses’.

Website Hello Aquarius and HB book

On March 21, 2013 the website (and its ‘transitory name’) World Adrift are overhauled and the name changed to: Hello Aquarius. Meanwhile Ronald Jan had started writing and preparing the HB book. Early Augustus 2016 Harry gave the signal that the book could now be published. As the time was there… the New Age was now truly upon us. Early January 2017 it became clear that – before the moment of the Great Shift could take place– the process and the diary entries of Harry, Hilda and Bo had to be made public as well; HB part 2 became a fact.


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