In 2017:

Part 2, the second Dutch HB-boek, HB, geen verlossing zonder kruis X’ is a further elaboration of chapter 6 from part 1, and was published on May 16, 2018. Available through

This HB book (part 2) is an open and honest journal by Harry Beckers; about a very laborious and recognizable process to master the darkness within ourselves. The book symbolises the road we all travel. None excepted.

In 2016:

Part 1, the Dutch HB book, ‘HB, een nieuwe tijd breekt aan’ was released November 14, 2016. Available through

This HB book (part 1) describes the coming and the characteristics of the Age of Aquarius; our way of thinking, our point of view of humanity, and our life’s vision will change drastically, from the realisation that everything is one. This New Age will be based on truth and justice, and in many religions is referred to as the Golden Age.

Some paragraphs from the book can be found in the horizontal menu bar under the headings Aquarius, Terminology, Network, Sources and Archive, as well as under ‘Categories’ under the headings Current and Articles.

In 2007:

The documentary (DVD) ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’ appeared in 2007. Available through

This documentary deals with consciousness, the broader way of thinking, and life after death. Subtitels in 13 languages, a.o. English. For the summary you might want to check out Info on Staya Erusa.