Share International

Share is an international organisation (in over 70 countries) that provides writings and explanations on the coming of the new World Teacher Maitreya and the Masters to help create a climate of hope and expectation. The founder of Share International is Benjamin Creme (1922 – 2016), who died very recently at the age of 93. (Click here if you wish to read a commemoration on him). In the Netherlands the work of Creme is supported and propagated by the Share Nederland foundation.

Since 1974 Benjamin Creme is the source of further disclosures on the Ancient Wisdom, focussing on the reappearance of the Maitreya, the world teacher for the Age of Aquarius. Creme received his information – just like Blavatsky and Bailey – through his continuous telepathic contact with an(other) Master of Wisdom. “My task is to help create a climate of hope and expectation, in which the Christ, Maitreya, can step forward.”

Benjamin Creme was a painter and esoteric. He was one of the main sources of information on the stepping forward of Maitreya, the world teacher. Books by Benjamin Creme have been translated and published all over the world. He was also one of the two editors in chief of the monthly Share International magazine, which appears in over seventy countries.

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His important books are also referred to on this website under the heading ‘Sources’ under ‘Books for self study’.