The Aquarian Energy

‘Water am I, poured out for thirsty people. The task is to meet with the needs of the people in every way, and to establish proper human relations, so the light and the love and the Plan can circulate among all people of this world.’

Through the ebbing away of the Piscean energy and the Aquarian energy entering enthusiastically, tribal battle can be witnessed in every area of society: the guardians of the vested insights, values and norms against the explorers and protagonists of a fully new approach. Notice the many ‘headache files’ we run into in this transitional phase. Yet many positive issues are also at play. The broader reality of Aquarius can also be found in the greater interest in ‘new’ subjects, such as the paranormal and spirituality, as well as in science fiction and fantasy. Harry Potter and Star Wars are among the best attended films of all times for a reason. Of course, the rise of Green awareness, and socially responsible entrepreneurship also belong to the spirit of this new Age: exactly as Marylin Ferguson had described in her 1980 book The Aquarian Conspiracy .

On top of this the introduction of the internet is, of course, a magnificent physical predecessor of the spiritual Aquarian notion that we are all connected. The manner in which the internet finally came about, is a perfect Aquarian miracle as well: developed via ‘open source’, transparent and ownerless to a certain degree. The advent of the social media – each and everyone can now be your ‘neighbour’ and ‘friend’ – is a physical predecessor of this spiritual body of thought as well. The world has suddenly become a lot smaller (and bigger, of course).

Even matter itself is dwindling more and more into the background. Not only are products getting ever smaller and more compact, physical cables are replaced by ‘radiation’ (oscillations) and data is kept ‘in the cloud’. As it happens astrologically Aquarius is not just a symbol related to water, but a sign of air as well. Ever more shall pass through the ether, and become available as such.


Similar developments are taking place in the ‘invisible’ reality of the different layers of consciousness, as the broader reality will be gradually unveiled. Veils, that kept us up until recently from a broader vision, have become thinner and thinner. Take, for instance, the veil of the hereafter. The far shore can get in touch with us ever more easily, and vice versa. Hence the successful pictures of princess Juliana from the hereafter (see Extra 8). Ten years ago this could not be managed yet. Not so much the technology (more pixels and the like), but mainly the energetic layer between these layers of consciousness that is getting to become ever more transparent, has ensured that we can experience an ever broader reality. For the very first time people will experience that everyone that has passed away, is still alive (see §8.3). Vice versa, on the other side: an enormous joy that ‘those left behind’ will now know that they are still there as well.

The veil of the layer of consciousness with the ancient past of Atlantis has also become thinner. This has made the knowledge from this golden age available during the Age of Aquarius. This knowledge has been ‘under water’ in a 98.000 year cycle, and may now rise above it. As witnessed by the present and future technological knowledge, which bears great resemblance to that of Atlantis.

Furthermore the veils ‘closer to home’ have become thinner as well: the connection to our own soul and through that our heart. We are becoming more sensitive. Making us realize faster how bad/wrong we can be, and wondering how come we never noticed that before! Within our selves as well as within society. The injustices within the financial system, the ongoing ecological disaster, the shameful disparity between poor and rich, and so on. Everything will surface, everything will be felt, everything will come afloat all by itself, nothing can be covered up any more.

The aforementioned story of the soul gaining more and more influence on the personality at work. The personality wants to rule over everything, but being disconnected from the all and therefore without insight, it ultimately creates chaos always. The Aquarian energies have a very positive effect on our journey to the soul, but a devastating effect on those that cling to personality for dear life. These people feel attacked because their beloved values are stricken from their hands. For them the Aquarian energy works rather dishevelling. To those who are open for it, it will be a blessing, a reward for the long struggle against the old world of separation and the I; the insight into old wounds, and the opening up of a new road.

The website of Peter Toonen ( features a remark by the Mayan shaman Miguel Vergara (Mexico, September 2012): ‘The Mayan prophecy of 2012 talks of a time of hope, humility, forgiveness, and love. A time to venture into the depths of our being, and a time to share who we are, in service to humanity. The prophecy will only exist in the reflection of our state of consciousness, and in belonging to the Heart of the Earth, and the Heart of Heaven. The Mayan elders clearly state that 2012 is not an exact date, and that it is not the end of the world. It is the time of a great shift in consciousness.’

Symbol of Aquarius

For those involved the Age of Aquarius has gotten a magical ring to it in the last fifty years, starting with the hippies. In Latin ‘aqua’ obviously means ‘water’, and ‘Aquarius’ therefore means ‘belonging to the water’. In many cultures the Aquarius symbol depicts a man carrying a water jar, pouring it out. Since the dawn of time this symbol is used for the living water, the new energy that is deposited in the atmosphere, making something visible that was hitherto hidden. This living water furthers a process of change and renewal. (A different name for Maitreya is ‘the Carrier of Water’.) Aquarius pours this on everything and everybody, no holds barred, in never ending love and without the water ever running out. The Bible refers to the coming Age this way as well, as Jesus instructs his disciples thus: ‘When you have arrived in the city a man will contact you (RJ had hier, “zal een man je tegemoet treden”) carrying a jar of water: follow him into the house where he will enter’ (Lucas 12, verse 7-10). So they did and in that house a grand dinner was celebrated. Seated at the same table they ate with one another: this refers to how in the new Age cooperation and group consciousness will be the deal, and to experience the oneness of humanity.

Early last century Alice Bailey referred to the symbol of ‘water’ as follows: ‘Aquarius, the carrier of water, symbolizes the purity of the group and the relation, before the universality of experience, and before the waters that will be poured over all and everybody. When, some two hundred years ago, we started to enter this sign, water became a public service for the first time, and started to be commonly used for sanitary purposes and irrigation. The control over the water and the use of it for global transportation became a reality. Plumbing in our houses is so common nowadays that we can hardly imagine what the world must have looked like before running water.’

The Aquarian Energy

Every Age demands a different kind of consciousness, and every new Age is strongly influenced by one or more rays out of a total of seven cosmic energies (see appendix G). Rays withdraw themselves and other rays ‘present themselves’. Along this line the sixth ray of idealism from the Age of Pisces is now withdrawing itself, and the seventh ray of Ceremonial order, magic, ritual, or organisation is forcefully coming into effect. Creme describes it thus: ‘This cosmic energy shapes the spiritual idea on the material plain. He connects the spiritual idea with the matter. A spiritual paradigm can only be brought to the earth and materialise with the aid of the energy of the seventh ray. Together with the fourth ray of ‘harmony, beauty, art and unity’ – which will enter in approximately 2025 – this will lead to a high variety in all forms of art. The highest form of art is always produced by this combination of rays.’ The fourth ray provides the colour and the expression, the seventh gives it structure. So truly great artists can now be born again. According to Creme, the seventh ray is the most practical of all the rays, and will join people together. ‘He connect the spiritual ideal to matter. When the people truly realise that they are connected and interdependent, they will lose their fear, and through that their greed.’

Forced to Choose

The Aquarian energy, and with that the effort of all divine and cosmic powers, are a great support for humanity. Still this energy can be considered to be neutral, it is positive nor negative: it stimulates what is there. For too much of this beautiful energy for an aggressive lout, will only make this person more aggressive (that is, sensitive). If people persist in their personality, this will lead to blowing this ego out of proportion, that is, persisting in selfishness, narcissism, pleasure seeking and overconsumption. The Aquarian energy by itself will not restore proper relations and bring peace, but rather make public what was hidden. People themselves remain responsible, and are force to choose (Maitreya therefore names this energy of Love: the sword of Distinction). That is exactly what we are seeing in society. In all kinds of societal situations we are forced to make choices. How do we think about it? Is this still a thing?? Those that are touched join head and heart together. ‘The water of life flows from our heart to the holy fire in the mind.’

The Future

The aforementioned Aquarian energy will change society drastically. The new Age lasts approximately two thousand years, so at the end humanity and earth will be altered beyond recognition. Luckily we will not have to wait two thousand years for ‘paradise on earth’. When the broader and new thought (see chapter 8) sets roots rapidly, society will metamorphose in a mere ten years. Of course, everything depends on the speed with which mankind adapts itself, but the omens are positive.


The predominant phenomenon of the Age of Aquarius is synthesis. Everything will come together and become clear; a synthesis of the material and the spiritual. We are about to discover what consciousness is and that death does not exist. We will start to realize that we are divine beings, on our way in a spiritual evolution, with its laws of Karma and Reincarnation. We are about to experience that everything is energy and that we are all connected. Stronger still, we are all manifestations of one and the same consciousness. We will start to realize that we have an individual consciousness, and are part of one great cosmic human family (extraterrestrials included).

Oneness through diversity

The Age of Aquarius will be the age of cooperation. The hierarchical and slavish, pyramidal organisation structure will be abandoned, networks of egalitarian people will take over. Networks and groups of like minded people, and despite their like mindedness, they will also be very different, as another credo for the new Age is ‘unity through diversity’.