The Broader Mind

The discovery of consciousness changes our vision on life and death

In the Age of Pisces thought and vision were forced through a pair of ‘physical’ goggles, the credo being: “seeing is believing”. In the Age of Aquarius it is exactly the other way around: You can see it only if you believe it first. In this case the word ‘believe’ means:sense, have trust in, and surrender. If you get a certain feeling from something – even if it is just vaguely – it may be important to listen. Subsequently a broader reality can be revealed to you. Broader thinking is similar, the keyword being consciousness. Until recently most of us thought that people are their body, and their consciousness is then somehow connected to that body. The truth is – and so is the broader way of thinking – exactly the other way around: we are consciousness, and a (small) part of that is the body. People are highly intelligent and ingeniously energetic system, with not just a physical body, but with an astral and mental one as well.

The spiritual heirloom of humanity encompasses among others the following important paradigms: the Divine Plan, the source of learnings, the evolution of the human consciousness, the Spiritual Hierarchy, energies, the Seven Rays, karma and reincarnation, and initiation. These are excellently described in Benjamin Cremes booklet ‘The Ageless Wisdom Teaching‘.

The ingredients of broader thinking described below, are based on the cosmological insights of Harry Beckers: (This is a short summary of the documentary ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’ (2007), that is also referred to in the menu bar under the heading ‘Key Concepts’.


Life and death. The large questions: where do we come from – where are we going – and what is the purpose of our existence on earth? These are the great mysteries we have tried to answer all through our existence. What are we overlooking in our search for an explanation of our existence on earth? The answer to this question is: our selves! Our way of thinking limits us to a great extent and ensures that proper answers remain extant. Apparently we do not recognize the many clues released to us through the course of history. When we do discover these directions, we distort them so that little to nothing remains. Prophets and great seers of old and from more recent eras have always divulged their knowledge and science, but our limited way of thinking has made us misinterpret them time and again.


At the start of the film a connection is made between Uri Geller and HB. Both got in touch with a ball of light. The origin of the contact between Uri and HB lay in the experiments the renowned scientist Andrija Puharich did with Uri Geller at the Stanford Research Institute, California in 1973. Uri turned out to be a hundred percent genuine. During these investigations both Adrija and Uri got to hear metalloid voices. Voices that made predictions connected to the insights of HB (casting a very different and insightful light on Uri Gellers extraordinary capacities, living proof of a broader reality). HB’s cosmological insights are responsible for the system of thought sketched in the film.


Consciousness – Our consciousness evolves through processes of thought. And this consciousness exists of many states of different vibrations and frequencies, colours and sounds. Like a solar system in the making. From this consciousness people are inspired by information of experiences from former lives at every new birth. Our consciousness is a reflection of the source from which we all sprang. Spiritually alike to the known universe. From the source everything is connected. The right of freedom of will that we share as people, has shown that individually we can evolve differently.

Reincarnation – That is to be born, to die, and to be born again like some missionary of the consciousness. A continuous cycle until the Light of the Atom (our Soul) becomes visible and coalesces with the consciousness. We have already lived thousands of lives. These lives and the level of our personal growth are the secret behind the deeds we perform during our life. Some people learn fast, others take more time. Events, experiences, thoughts: everything is registered in the brain, exchanged with the consciousness and stored therein. This way the consciousness slowly but securely gains shape and structure. From the point of view of the consciousness we should have been everything In the cycle of reincarnation: man, woman, rich, poor, oppressor, slave, criminal, whore, killer and victim, but also Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, etcetera.

Process of death – To the consciousness death is a joyous occasion: finishing a new phase in the greater development process. Every death has its own personal story, and almost every way of dying has taken place within the consciousness before.
We are in life, as we think about it. Whether we have great control over our thought or not, we are always responsible for it and with it we posses and decide on how to lead our lives, our process of dying, and our life after death. Approximately 70% of people experience the transition of life to death in close to the same way. Depending on how death comes upon us, this is a slow or abrupt process of letting go.

When the soon to be deceased feels that he is finished saying goodbye, he will pass through an energy field of his own consciousness. He does this with or without guidance; this guidance was either wished for by himself, or by necessity. This energy field of the consciousness is a magnetic field in which the earthly life from birth onwards has been fully registered as a kind of ‘home video’. Often this field is experienced as going through a tunnel in which every event and thought, often at great speed – but nevertheless very intense – is experience(?) anew. At the end of this tunnel glitters the light of the Atom (our Soul). The light that for a moment reminds us of our heritage and eternity.

Hereafter – As long as as people dwell in the reincarnation cycle, the hereafter – also called the astral world – is an immeasurable field of energy to them. In this field the projection of our thoughts creates a reality. This is similar to a dream world, but then tangibly real to the deceased who are attuned to it. The great diversity of human thoughts therefore creates many different astral domains. They form the seven states and colours of the consciousness that we pass through during our reincarnation cycle. That which we call the hereafter is therefore a unique fully human creation! The way you envisage it, is what it will look like. Every layer is solely accessible to people attuned to the same wavelength or vibration, sound and colour frequency, and to those with a higher attunement, as they already command those underlying layers within their consciousness. The colours of the rainbow symbolize these seven states of consciousness, in which red corresponds to the first layer, and purple to the seventh.

Birth and consciousness – Our consciousness evolves by the physical experiences of the people on earth. Every finished life ends up in the astral domains where the old shape remains at the level of development we left earth with. This way the consciousness collects the experiences and knowledge of many thousands of lives and personalities within itself, and is therefore the sum of all previous lives. Every new birth of a human on earth is singular and unique: a human being with an autonomous capacity to think which is directed by the entire consciousness. Only when we have passed all seven stages of consciousness and fully mastered them, do these colours coalesce, enabling us to attune to the pure white Light of the Atom.

When this occurs the phenomena of life and death no longer apply. The separating lines between the colours no longer exist and our reincarnation cycle comes to an end. Where and to whom you are born, happens according to a magnetic process in line with the parents’ consciousness. Approximately four weeks after the conception a first connection is made between the foetus inside the mother and the consciousness that wants to introduce a new life on earth. When the foetus is approximately four months old, the consciousness will be sufficiently attuned. At that moment one could say that the foetus is ‘inhabited’. A new birth always takes place around the date when the previous life ended, so we can pick up the thread astronomically as well. Exactly there, where the previous life has finished.

Thoughts and consciousness – From the consciousness people receive impulses continuously, upon which thought – generally unwittingly – reacts and is thereby set in motion. This continuous exchange with the consciousness takes place through a magnetic ‘beam’ or ‘cord’. The reaction of the body is run by the brains and the nervous system. Experiences beyond   the brains, such as dreams, are also relayed via this magnetic cord. This includes experiences such as near death experiences or a psychosis. A second cord connects the Atom (our Soul) to our heart. This cord takes care of vital energy in the physical body and works via the beating heart and the bloodstream.

Cause and effect – The universe in which we live is electromagnetic, and through it everything is attuned to each other. Action and reaction, cause and effect are ingenuous processes having their origin in thought. This process lies at the basis of our evolution. Every thought we have is energy of a certain frequency, sound and colour. Every thought is a manifestation within our consciousness. By means of magnetism attunement occurs to equivalent energy. Therefore we will always again run into what we have once set in motion. This process repeats itself as long as it takes for us to understand and master the situation/experience and its consequences. Only then will a thought of harmonious energy emerge, and establish balance and space for growth of consciousness. This is why we ourselves are the pivotal force behind our own evolution.

Consequences of this vision

Euthanasia – Just like with any other form of dying, it is important that the person dying has some insight into what to expect beyond death. In most cases of euthanasia, depending on the emotional state and the personal level of consciousness of the person dying, the moment of dying occurs peacefully.

Organ donation – It is important to have insight into the consequences of donating and receiving organs. Every cell in a human body is accurately attuned to the personal consciousness and its situation of cause and effect. All cells have that attunement. Apart from the karmic burden the receiver of a transplanted organ may experience, the donor and the receiver also have to take into account their personal levels of consciousness, as this will determine how things will fare.

Schizophrenia – The cause of schizophrenia can be found in extreme (imaginary) events, generally from a previous life. At a certain moment, directed by the laws of cause and effect, a similar kind of confrontation takes place. Unhampered, impulses from the consciousness force feed fragments of past events to the mind, turning thought into an obsession. Someone diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’ should be taught to recognize incoming visions, voices, and feeling(s), and be able to distinguish them from the self.

Psychosis – A psychosis is the conscious and simultaneous experience of a number of states of consciousness, and can have several causes. It is a manifestation of uncontrollable energy, projected unto the layer of consciousness in which we also experience the dream state during our sleep. A certain way of thinking can realize the frequency by which we are directly attuned to this state of consciousness.

Dementia – This is a phenomenon in which the interaction between the consciousness and the mind stagnates. The physical human body is connected to the consciousness and the Atom (the Soul) by means of two separate magnetic ‘cords’. One cord connects the consciousness to the mind. When this connection slowly recedes or vaporizes, characteristics that we recognize as dementia will occur.

Our Climate – Natural disasters are often a reaction to the thinking and acting of mankind. Destructive thoughts and consequent events have often been responsible for the functioning of the earth all through history, and through that one of the causes of extreme natural events.

Atlantis and extraterrestrial life – When we have insight into our consciousness and our evolution, it is obvious that there must be extraterrestrial life as well; we all originate from the same source. That there have already been a great number of civilizations, such as Atlantis, also becomes obvious. When we realize all that, we will start to look very differently at who we are ourselves, and at the period in which we are living now.