The limited medical look on homeopathy

Written by Ronald Jan

Preferably the regular medical sciences would have wrung the necks of alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, because from their point of view it is scientifically unproven that these can work. The Dutch (UN, as far as I know:) Codex Alimentarius emerged from this old way of thinking. From the new perspective there are quite a few things that can be said about how these remedies work, possibly clarifying a lot.

For starters: if there is no scientific proof that homeopathy works, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with homeopathy, rather we turn that around to conclude that there must be something wrong with science. Meanwhile it is crystal clear that homeopathic remedies work, yet science can (still) not find any proof for it. Science should further develop itself, but more about that later.

It is also important to remember that there is no one single Science. Within scientific disciplines subjects are studied that contradict each other. The fairly new quantum physics actually border on a scientific disciple that could explain the workings of homeopathy. Indeed, it is very important that science comes up with an explanation model. When the opponents of this therapy want to add a positive note to their opinions, they generally point to a placebo effect that should form the basis of homeopathic success, but then how can they explain that homeopathic remedies work especially well in infants and animals?

Another remarkable given: the non scientific manner in which many columnists and journalists wage their battle. Comparable to having ten different arguments suggesting that the earth could well be a sphere in the days when all were on the side of the flat earth, and your opponents settling that with one single counterargument. The other arguments aren’t even considered worthwhile to respond to. As if the same argumentation would fell all other arguments as well. Whereas, of course, all ten arguments are valid, and describe reality as it is. Apparently the battle needs to be waged dishonestly.

However, this unjust attack on alternative therapies is waged out of ignorance. Not just by the media, but also through the one sided approach within scientific circles. The truth is actually much broader than we think, and underestimating the strength of alternative therapies is a critical mistake.

The stubbornness of this physical thinking manifests itself predominantly within the near religion of western medicine. People are much more than their bodies, people are consciousness. The same applies to homeopathic remedies: they are much more than their physical appearance, they predominantly energy.

So when a homeopathic remedy is administered to a person, it will enter into an energetic fusion with that persons energy. This energy exchange is what gets the job done, not the physical liquid, which is but the vehicle. The solution decides with which subtlety and which frequency it enters into communication with the energy of the patient.

Or, as Benjamin Creme phrases it so elegantly: ‘Our modern science acknowledges but three phases of physical energy: solid, liquid, and gaseous. Yet beyond the gaseous there are four more phases of matter, which are strictly spoken material, each more refined than its predecessor. These etheric material phases are the next phases of the physical realm, which will be investigated and subsequently proven to exist. Then the etheric realms will become reality, and belong to our reality as well. Ever more people will be born with the ability to see the etheric realms. All physical objects are the consequence of etheric energy.’

Hans Moolenburgh, a general practitioner from Haarlem (since 1952), used arsenic to make the point. ‘For us what is substantial about it makes it a poison, but its non substantial qualities actually counter-react that poison. When you dilute arsenic and shake it up, granting it potency, you shake up both energies. The more you dilute, or increase the potency, the stronger the immaterial aspects will manifest itself. The greater the potency, thousand times over, the greater the power of the remedy. That is to say: the greater the influence of that which is immaterial for us. When you dilute a thousand times not a trace will remain, at least not from the physical matter, but the immaterial will be there at its highest concentration.’

Homeopathy works, and it does so by using the etheric material realms. Science just isn’t up to predicting its workings scientifically, as its instruments and measuring equipment are still too crude. Pretty much a no brainer that many other alternative perspectives on health will also receive their scientific ‘diplomas’ once science charts out those more subtle stages. The time will come that this will be demonstrated, and a lot faster than we expect.

About the author

Ronald Jan

Already for long Ronald Jan Heijn was interested in a broader way of thinking. His life went through the swamp areas of the big theme’s of this society. His obstacles, valleys and opponents became his best teachers. Through his experience in society on the one site and his ‘being a student of the broader mind’ on the other, he always tried to build bridges. Also his studies (in the eighties) of Business Administration and Cultural Antropology carried this wish and content. Ronald Jan followed many spiritual courses and read many spiritual books (esp. Ageless Wisdom). In the Netherlands Ronald Jan is known from the Dutch grocery store family Albert Heijn and used to be a top level hockey player for the Dutch national team. In 1987 his father was abducted and killed, the man responsible was later forgiven by him. To further a better world he started the largest holistic centre of the Netherlands, Oibibio in Amsterdam. After eight years Oibibio succumbed to its own success. Many let downs later Ronald Jan met Harry Beckers (HB). Together they gave lectures and released a documentary on a broader way of thinking, consciousness and the afterlife. Unaware at the time, Ronald Jan was educated to become a messenger of the New Age during that period. Most of all he got to witness the severe road of preparation of the World Renewer HB and to ultimately cooperating in his coming forward.

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