What is the Age of Aquarius?

Foretold as the Golden Age

As we all know, the earth revolves around the sun in twelve months. This way we pass through the twelve star signs, the Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. However, the sun itself passes through the zodiac as well, though it does so in reverse direction. This is why we are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Moving through these twelve star signs takes the sun approximately 26,000 years, which we refer to as a solar year (25,920 years to be precise). Circumventing through this solar year human kind undergoes a great spiritual development. The changing influences of the zodiac signs and those of the greater forcefields beyond the Zodiac (the seven rays) cause fundamental energetic alterations. A solar month (one twelfth of a solar year) takes approximately 2,165 years, which we refer to as an ‘Age’. The beginning of the Age of Pisces was heralded in two thousand years ago by Jesus, a special and important moment, indicating the new values and norms for the oncoming age.

Needless to say the present transition is special as well. What makes it even more so, is that this time we also make a transition to a new solar year; the closure of a period of almost 26,000 years.

Other prophets & Ancient Wisdom

Many solar months of 2,165 years have already passed. Roughly every two thousand years the earth has come under the influence of a different zodiac sign and its related energies. Each time mankind became inspired to change, and each age was heralded in by a prophet. The Age of Pisces had Jesus, but all the other ages had their ‘son of God’ as well. Most of their names still sound familiar, such as Osiris, Attis, Krishna, Mercurius, Hercules, Perseus, Rama, Buddha, Mohammed, Mithras and Zarathustra. They were all prophets who proclaimed their message to mankind in order to herald a new age, and further human kinds spiritual development. Or prophets like Buddha (during the Age of Aries) and Mohammed (during the Age of Pisces) who delivered their messages more in the heart of their ages. All similar in their assignment: to provide people with insight into the laws of life and to inspire them to live accordingly.

Every age mankind has progressed a little further and gained new insights. These prophets were all highly advanced people, and Jesus – up till now the last in line – was advanced the most. This, because he had to deliver the most encompassing message and had to become the manifestation of it: man is truly a divine creature.

All these great prophets come from the same human spiritual tradition, also referred to as Esoteric, Ageless or Ancient Wisdom. This is why in stories every prophet appears in ways similar to how Jesus entered the Age of Pisces. The stories relating of these prophets have more than twenty characteristics in common, such as: born from a virgin mother, in a stable or a cave, on the 25th of Dec ember (immediately after the winter solstice), the star in the east (Sirius), the attendance of the Magi (the three Kings kings or wise men), the murder of innocent infants and the consecutive flight to a land far away. But also: the crucifixion, the empty grave, the joyous resurrection, the twelve disciples and the treason of one of them.

Every Era its Religion

All these prophets have actually lived, and each new prophet became part of a similar myth every time. Even the story of Jesus was adapted to fit the myth. More than a hundred different dates of his birth circulated in the first few centuries following his life. The story goes that it was pope Julius who finally decided upon the day in 337 AD. Saint Chrysostom writes as follows in 390: ‘On this day [.i.e., 25th December] also the birth of Christ was lately fixed at Rome, in order that while the heathen were busy with their ceremonies [the Brumalia, in honour of Bacchus] the Christians might perform their rites undisturbed.’ (Annie Besant, Esoteric Christianity)

Each period of approximately 2000 year had its own religion(s), with its related holy books and/or oral tradition and life lessons, as a summary of the revelations of the past, and the offering of hope for the future. That is why the story of Jesus is such an important message, and even more so, the continuation of a spiritual message of his many extraordinary predecessors.

** The Present Phase of Transition

At the end of each Age old power structures collapse. Their form may still be there, but the energy needed to sustain that form has already retreated some time ago. Meanwhile the new Age is heading in, and is already forecasting its energies and shadows. This is characteristic of how we have lived the last couple of decades, in transit from the retreating energy of Pisces to the Aquarian energy coming in strong. The collision of new ideas with old structures. A recurring ritual at the end of every two thousand year era.

This is why it was so disappointing that the economic and political crisis in the world was denied at first, and subsequently explained away as having merely to do with recent events in the previous years.

A striking summary of the way of thinking we are going to leave behind. Greatly convinced of our material welfare and development, we are blind to who we are, in which spiritual evolution we partake, and where we are heading.

The coming of a new Age is like a birthing process. Before this birth the world is pregnant of the new energies, that present themselves stronger and stronger, till they are strong enough to break through. This birthing process can take place because the old makes way for the new. This ‘taking of space from the old for the new’ jumps to attention most, as we are and have been witness to the collapse of the old power structures. Apparently a system crisis on all levels. 

The old Pisces form sustained for a while, but the Pisces energy that would normally fill it up has been withdrawing itself for quite some time now. By now it is mostly just form. This retreating of the old energy and the increasing strength of the new is a process that has become more and more apparent over the last 50 years.

And then at the end of an Age – when times are really bad – voices are always heard calling out ‘hell and damnation’. The world will come to an end, or at least, mankind will not survive.

Of course, if we go about our business as usual, that will most definitely become a reality. (Meanwhile we know that a positive obstruction is on its way.) Within this vision there is also a group convinced that some cataclysm has to take place before we will come to realize that things really have to change. First we have to go through hell to see heaven. An understandable thought, yet a very odd one, as the great disaster is taking place all around us every day. No need for further mayhem. We are abundantly aware and with sufficient people of good will to make change come about.

And when a prophet or extraordinary person rises up, doom sayers and certain Christian factions will generally depict this person to be the Antichrist: the last manifestation of evil before the true Christ returns. Reasoning as follows: although this spiritual leader appears to be good, this is but a cloak. Every spiritual leader attempting to do some good is therefore regarded with suspicion. However, the real Antichrist has already been here in the shape of Hitler. The road for the true prophet is wide open.

Miracles of Revelation

Many holy scriptures write about it: mankind will finally realize paradise on earth. The broader reality will bring us more righteousness, better relations, trust, peace, openness, creativity, altruism and love, covering the world with unimaginable softness. Soft will be the new strength, honest, wise and forgiving. Softness will be the new force.

Luckily there is no stopping it. The floodgates and dikes are crumbling, the water has broken, the birth is becoming a fact. The birth will not immediately wipe away everything old, but the rapidly spreading knowledge of a broader reality will set a great cleansing in gear. Something is true, or false. Nothing else exists. With all due respect, but millions of books and world views can go straight into the trash. Nothing more brutal than the truth. Our entire perspective on society will change, and through that, society.