World Servants

World servants are people of good will that want to serve the common purpose of the planet and her humanity. These people can be found in all layers of society, some very much aware of the Cosmic Plan, others unaware thereof, but with their ‘heart in the proper place wanting to do what is best for the world’.

Alice Bailey describes this twofold split of world servants as follows (‘The New Psychology, part II’):

  • An inner core, consisting of those active servants who know that they are disciples, is consciously connected to the Plan, and energetically furthers its development;
  • Those who have reacted to the vision offered by the inner core, and have chosen to stand by the Plan for good. These are therefore people of good will.

With the coming of the New Age, the ‘New Group of World Servants’ is spoken of as well: every man or woman anywhere in the world who makes an effort to bridge the rifts between nations, rallying around the awareness of kinship, and a feeling of mutual connectedness, and who does not make distinctions based on concepts of race, or national and religious barriers belongs to the New Group of World servants. It has no organisation, and therefore no headquarters, president, list of functionaries or members. It exist solely of servants of humanity, who operate all over the world having taken the task upon themselves to discover and aid all men and women of good will. Anyone can belong to this group through their altruistic effort to further the welfare of humanity in its entirety. Scientists, politicians, healthcare professionals, spiritually enlightened people, entrepreneurs, anyone can be a part of it. People from all layers of society, rich or poor, with the intention in common, that they feel a strong urge to serve the (world) community.